Introducing the NEW Desiree Ortman Photography

When I launched my business almost 3 years ago, I didn't put a ton of thought into my brand. Now that's sort of crazy because I seriously love a good branding project. For those of you who don't know me, I worked for Black & Decker and DEWALT for almost 8 years. For the latter part of my career, I worked as a brand manager for the Black & Decker brand, constantly policing the use of our coveted black and orange logo and it's use on packaging, merchandising, digital media, etc.

So, anyway... I was so eager to get my photography business launched, that I purchased a pre-made logo on Etsy. Now, in all fairness, I loved the logo I purchased, mainly because it incorporated a gorgeous metallic gold feather (I really LOVE feathers). As my business evolved and I began to offer packaged items, I purchased a feather wax seal to compliment my logo and used it for my packaging, topped with a pretty navy ribbon. I loved this small vintage touch on my brown craft boxes.

Fast forward to January, 2018. I launched a sub-brand for my boudoir business, creatively name Desired Boudoir. I'm in love with the logo design for this sub-brand, but I hated how it coordinated with my current photography logo. The two brands didn't even look like they were related. It was driving me crazy! So... I started gathering all sorts of inspiration for how I would re-brand my business and I reached out to an old co-worker friend of mine (the amazingly talented Jennifer Hall) and asked her to work her magic.

I was insistent on keeping the feather wax seal as part of my logo. I also really wanted to choose a color scheme that matched the look and feel of the style of my work. I also am obsessed with blush pink, so the choice was pretty easy. I also wanted to create some distinction between my two logos by using a consistent font choice across the two brands. I describe my boudoir brand as "the sexier little sister of Desiree Ortman Photography," so this logo indeed needed to remain "sexier."

Last night at midnight, the final files came across my email and I was so ecstatic that I had to share the finished product with you all!

So... without further adieu.... here is the NEW Desiree Ortman Photography.

I'm busy updating all of my digital marketing assets today and then it's off to redesign my print materials! I think a hand-dyed silk blush ribbon will be the perfect accent for my packaging, don't you?


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