Dancing in the Streets // Ballerinas in Baltimore // Baltimore City Photographer

So, my closest friends (or those who have been at a wedding with me) know I love dancing. I actually didn’t dance growing up. I grew up doing gymnastics and was a cheerleader for the better part of my middle school years. I didn’t start dancing until I was a freshman in high school by total fluke. I was was on an All Star cheer team that morphed into a dance team when we realized that we were much better dancers that we were cheerleaders. Because I didn't know any of the dance lingo or any of the basic technique, one of my teammates (now closest friends) taught me everything I know, and I practiced turns in my kitchen and leaps in my living room daily to get better.

"Dancing is an art. The floor is my canvas. And I am the brush. And whatever I create comes from the heart."

I loved dancing so much that as a junior in high school, I started the first ever high school dance team in my community with a friend of mine. We mixed our own music on cassette tapes (yes, I know, I’m totally dating myself), purchased "uniforms" from Rave at the local mall and choreographed our own routines. The following year, we found a coach who helped us buy real uniforms, professionally mix music, and we competed regionally and did pretty well (fun fact... 5 years later I actually went back to coach the team for two years).