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One of the things I love most about my job as a photographer is having the chance to meet some amazing new people.  Sure, I love photographing my family and friends... after all, they're the ones who pushed me to get this business off the ground from the get go.  But, over the past few months as my reach has expanded, I've had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people, including the gorgeous gal featured in this post... meet Jamie.

I don't share a ton on the blog about my boudoir work, but I had such a blast with Jamie and she's so graciously allowed me to give you all a sneak peek into what one of my boudoir sessions is like and the biggest reason why I LOVE shooting boudoir.

Like most girls who decide to bare it all for some boudoir photos, Jamie is extremely modest, "Even though my personality is extremely outgoing, I am extremely shy about my body.  I remember seeing something on a Facebook page about a boudoir shoot, and my first thought was "NO WAY! I Would never do that!"

After some persuasion from her sister, she reconsidered though.  "I posted on a well known wedding Facebook page and MULTIPLE people had recommended Desiree," recalls Jamie, "I was a little concerned because whoever I picked was going to see me pretty much naked....eeeek!"   

When Jamie arrived at my in-home studio, she was VERY nervous and may or may not have have taken two shots of Vodka prior to coming in.  As soon as she told me, I knew we'd get a long perfectly, I mean if you know me, you know I've got a thing for Tito's.

While you've likely heard about my Boudoir Marathons, I offer private sessions as well.  My hair and make-up gals (Fleurt Beauty Company) can also be added on for the full glam experience.   Jamie and I got to know each other a little better while she was getting her make up done by Meaghan.  "If you are questioning getting your make up done for your session, DO IT," Jamie says, "it really put me at ease and I had SUCH a fun time."

After Jamie's shoot, I asked her, "Sooo how do you feel now that it's over??"  Her response was like so many others, "It felt so amazing, and I felt so empowered and more beautiful than ever."


This seems to be a common thread in my boudoir sessions.  There's just something so empowering about baring it all for the camera, embracing YOU, every ounce of YOU, imperfections and all.  I've photographed over 25 women now, and every single one - the tall, the sleek, the small, the curvy - every single one rattles off a list of the parts of their body that are their least favorite.  They ALL ask me if I airbrush the photos because there's no way they're going to like how their butt looks (for the record, I do minimal retouching to remove blemishes and such and enhance the lighting and colors of the photos, but that's really it). 

I make it a habit of sharing photos from the back of my camera as we go, and do you know what the first thing every girl says after seeing that first image?  "Holy cow!  That's me??"  It's like they're seeing themselves for the first time.  Sure, being pampered with hair and makeup helped them feel a little sexier (or maybe it was just the red lips).  Sure, the fact that Ginuwine's, "Pony" was playing in the background (I'm sorry, but that song just screams sexy).  Sure the light in my studio rocks, but these photos help bring back a sense of confidence that may have been lost.  The more we shoot, the more comfortable they get and by the end, they're walking out the door like Beyonce in her "Single Ladies" video.

Once Jamie got her photos (in a record breaking 4 days), her reaction was priceless, "I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I was shocked at how much I loved them because I have never seen myself in that way before."

I knew Jamie was a knockout the minute she stepped through my front door.  But  these photos helped show her just how gorgeous she is.  

I asked Jamie if she had any words of advice for a gal who's considering a shoot, and I love what she had to say, "DOOOOO ITTTTTT! You won’t regret it. I tend to be very modest and plain. But I went outside my comfort zone and honestly I am so glad I did!"

I'm pretty sure her hubby was glad she did, too.

Before we get to all the shots from Jamie's shoot, let's chat about some of the prep that went into planning this shoot.  I always try to help a client personalize their session, so I start by asking the reason for the shoot.  Since Jamie said this was a gift for her hubby, I asked if he had any hobbies or interests.  She said he was a huge Caps fan and was a Police Officer... JACKPOT!  I've photographed a few police wives and I alwasy love incorporating the blue line flag and components of their uniform if we can get our hands on it (it's a little hard to sneak out of the house sometimes).  I also always suggest brining one of your hubby's button down shirts, and in Jamie's case, it allowed me to showcase her gorgeous engagement ring and band.  Since this was for her Anniversary, a while nightie was a fun choice, too!

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