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Anna + Corbett // Stone Ridge Hollow // Harford County Wedding Photographer

Leading up to her engagement, my friend Anna and I would joke that I would be the first person she'd text so I could take her engagement pictures! Anna is a photo-lover like me, so she was eager to document this exciting next step in her life.

Well, surely enough, her now hubby proposed this past spring, and I'm going to venture to say I was likely not the first to know, but maybe top 20. Anna knew she wanted me to do her engagement photos, but she really wanted me to be a guest at her wedding, not one of her vendors. When we met to chat about her engagement pictures, I told her that as the photographer I actually have the best seat in the house and if we bring on a second photographer, she can take over at the reception and I can assume my standard wedding position - on the dance floor (duh!).

I partnered with Elise Burghauser of Lothlorien Photography and I honestly can't tell where my photos end and hers begin. Here's just a glimpse inside their perfect day!

Anna is as detail oriented as I am and she for sure didn't miss a single one. She wrote letters to each of her bridesmaids and gifted them with a custom Stella & Dot monogrammed necklace. She also handpicked cute socks for each of them to wear with their cowboy boots.