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We are Family // The Spagna Sisters // Harford County Family Photographer

July 13, 2018

A few months ago, a friend approached me about putting together a family shoot as a gift for her mom.  I knew Nikki had a lot of sisters, but to be honest, I never knew exactly how many. When I asked her the total number of people for the picture, she said 20!  20?!?!  I have never photographed a group that large, aside from the bridal party at a wedding.  I thought to myself, there's no way we'll get a group this large all looking the same way and smiling.  Well sure, enough, we did just that!  With a little help from my dear friend and assistant, Kristen, we managed to get this gem (and a bunch more, too!)




This shoot was for sure a collaboration.  I knew I didn't want to just have this gigantic group standing in the middle of a field.  I needed something to anchor them all (and prevent 8 little ones from running away).  I contacted my friends over at Emerald Event Design who hooked me up with this gorgeous mint vintage sectional.  Since I'd be brining a large piece of furniture to the shoot, I needed a private location, too!  Another friend of mine lives on a beautiful piece of property with one killer sunset view (note: all of that sun glow is 100% real in every images below).  


I had a vision of all 6 sisters on this couch since planning begun.  I was envisioning a Vanity Fair style and these beautiful sisters absolutely nailed it!



Another thing I love about large groups is that they allow each individual family to get a little mini session, too!  Now Grandma can create a perfectly put together collage wall of all of her kids and grand kids.







I also worked closely with Nikki, the organizer of this whole shoot, to put together something special to honor her son Dominic who lost his battle to brain cancer when he was just seven years old.   Nikki is the founder of the D.O. Believe Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness & funding for pediatric cancer, with the primary focus on brain tumors.  Nikki is determined to continue to spread Dominic's message that anyone can be a superhero!  You may have noticed a canvas in several of the images above.  Dom is still very much a part of this family and I wanted to help create a piece of art for Nikki to help honor Dom.  What we created touches my heart so much.  






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