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Long before I opened my photography biz, I worked in marketing for a Fortune 500 company right here in Baltimore, MD.  I spent the last half of my career working in brand marketing specifically, so my passion for branding runs deep.

Branding for your biz is so much more than just a cute logo and tagline.  Your brand is the personality, the heartbeat, of your business.  It's what sets you apart from your competition.  It's a feeling consumers have every time they interact with your business - whether that's on Instagram, your website, or in your brick and mortar store.   

and why it's more than just a headshot

So why are photos so important?  Sure, you can purchase stock photos to fill your website or use cute graphics on your social media, but that will result in a feed that, simply put, blends in - not a terrific marketing strategy, huh?


You want your brand to stand out in the sea of brands out there.  So what is it about your business that's different?  It's easy... it's YOU. 


Now maybe you're thinking, Des, I share pictures of myself on Instagram all the time.  OK, great! I love that you're showing your face on social media, but while I'm all for DIY, my guess is your feed lacks cohesion.  

Enter DOP.  It is my ultimate goal to provide you with a cohesive digital library you can use on all of your marketing platforms.  The photos I take will a TRUE representation of you, your brand, and your business.


Every branding session I do is custom designed with YOU in mind.  We'll make sure that we select a location that matches your brand's vibe. We'll work to include your brand colors so that your photos integrate seamlessly into your website.  And most importantly, we'll showcase your spirit in every image.  The end result... a gallery of images that you can't wait to share.