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Long before I opened my photography biz, I worked in marketing for a Fortune 500 company right here in Baltimore, MD.  I spent the last half of my career working in brand marketing specifically, so my passion for branding runs deep.

Branding for your biz is so much more than just a cute logo and tagline.  Your brand is the personality, the heartbeat, of your business.  It's what sets you apart from your competition.  It's a feeling consumers have every time they interact with your business - whether that's on Instagram, your website, or in your brick and mortar store.   

and why it's more than just a headshot

So why are photos so important?  Sure, you can purchase stock photos to fill your website or use cute graphics on your social media, but that will result in a feed that, simply put, blends in - not a terrific marketing strategy, huh?


You want your brand to stand out in the sea of brands out there.  So what is it about your business that's different?  It's easy... it's YOU. 


Now maybe you're thinking, Des, I share pictures of myself on Instagram all the time.  OK, great! I love that you're showing your face on social media, but while I'm all for DIY, my guess is your feed lacks cohesion.  

Enter DOP.  It is my ultimate goal to provide you with a cohesive digital library you can use on all of your marketing platforms.  The photos I take will a TRUE representation of you, your brand, and your business.


Every branding session I do is custom designed with YOU in mind.  We'll make sure that we select a location that matches your brand's vibe. We'll work to include your brand colors so that your photos integrate seamlessly into your website.  And most importantly, we'll showcase your spirit in every image.  The end result... a gallery of images that you can't wait to share.


DOP - Senior Pics - Senior Photos - Maryland Photographer - Harford County_5979.jpg
DOP - Senior Pics - Senior Photos - Maryland Photographer - Harford County_5974.jpg
DOP - Senior Pics - Senior Photos - Maryland Photographer - Harford County_5977.jpg

"I've had lots of photos taken, and yours are my favorite."


Isn't there an old saying like, "if you fail to plan, then plan to fail"?  I'm not a very "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of gal.  I find comfort in planning.  So before you even step foot in front of my camera we will have several planning sessions.  We'll discuss everything from locations to wardrobe, and we'll develop a shot list so that we can stay on track for the day and get you all of the images you need.

Do you know what most clients say to me before their session?  "I'm so awkward in front of the camera."  And guess what their reaction is when they see their final images?  "Holy cow, that's me," or "These are the first photos I've ever really liked of myself."  It's my job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so I will guide you through all the posing and work to take photos that look natural and care-free.  Don't believe me, keep scrolling to see what my clients had to say about their experience.

dop-branding-brandingphotography-smallbusiness-women-maryland photographer_3140.jpg


DOP - Senior Pics - Senior Photos - Maryland Photographer - Harford County_6039.jpg


"It's not often you come across a photographer that not only combines attention to detail, creative genius and a kind, encouraging personality - but that's exactly what you get in Desiree Ortman!  I hired Des to do brand photography at an event I was hosting. Before this event I knew Desiree was talented because I had seen her work, but that day I truly understood that her magic isn't just in the photos she produces, but also in the way she makes you feel while taking them!  She has an innate ability to 'read the room' so to speak.  After just a few minutes, Desiree was able to quickly identify their vibe and tailor a photoshoot that not only highlighted their special sauce, but also make them feel comfortable and confident while doing it.  Women who had never liked a photo of themselves before walked away with a finished product that they are so proud to share!"
- Krista D 

Baltimore-Branding-Phogographer-Personal Branding-Small Business-Maryland_3242.jpg
Baltimore-branding-photographer-small business-brand photos.jpg


Desiree really did her homework to get to know my brand before our shoot.  She made herself available to to review all of the details; from outfits to accessories, she was just a phone call or text away.  The photos turned out better than I ever could have imagined, and thanks to her, my website, socials, and all other branding materials are seamlessly cohesive and perfectly unique.  She’s a magician. 

Baltimore-Branding-Photographer-Small Business-Branding Photos.jpg


I hired Desiree to take photos for my new website.  What I didn't realize in selecting her as my photographer,   was just how much more I was getting.  From helping choose clothing options that coordinated with my brand colors to scouting the perfect locations, she really helped bring my brand to life.  We discussed what I wanted to portray in my website tab by tab and how those items needed to reflect in the pictures.  Desiree's background leant itself beautifully to what we were trying for when it came to presentation online.  

Baltimore-branding-photographer-brand photography-small business.jpg


I was very nervous leading up to my photo shoot with Desiree. I hadn’t worn a face full of makeup, had my hair done or worn real clothes in well over year thanks to the pandemic. Since I was an emotional mess I didn’t envision this being the best experience but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Desiree was incredibly thoughtful, patient and understanding. Her years of experience shined through and she guided me through the photo shoot without pressure or any sense of judgement. Instead of being in the room with a stranger with a camera it felt more like I was with my closet girlfriends. 


still have questions?  below are the most common questions I get.  if you still have questions after reading, don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Baltimore-Branding-Phogographer-Personal Branding-Small Business-Maryland_3241.jpg

question 1

How much do you charge?

Every brand's needs are different which is why I design a portrait session for each client.  Just need headshots or are you looking to outfit your entire website with images?  Either way, I've got you.  

question 2

What will we take photos of?

Simply put, whatever your brand needs. You may notice the majority of photos on this page showcase a single business owner, but it's important to have images showcasing what you DO.  One of my favorite things to do is to invade your business space and capture images of you (and your staff) in action.  Or if you need product images, I can do that, too!  Every session is custom for each client.  We'll work together to develop a shot list to make sure we get all the shots you need.

Baltimore-Branding-Phogographer-Personal Branding-Small Business-Maryland_3238.jpg
Baltimore-Branding-Phogographer-Personal Branding-Small Business-Maryland_3231.jpg

question 3

Do your work with all types of businesses?

YES!  While I primarily work with women-owned businesses, I also work with men, too!  It's just as important for them to have awesome photos!

question 4

How far out do you book?

Due to the planning involved for these shoots, I book at least a month out from when you'd like to do your branding session.  My calendar does fill quickly, so the sooner you contact me the better.  We'll start with a discovery call to chat about your specific needs and develop a timeline.

Baltimore-Branding-Phogographer-Personal Branding-Small Business-Maryland_3228.jpg
Baltimore-Branding-Phogographer-Personal Branding-Small Business-Maryland_3236.jpg

question 5

How many images do I get?

This question isn't so simple.  It all really depends on the brand.  Some brands require several locations, others have a large team, while others are much more simple. On average my galleries range from 100-400 images, so you'll have a massive variety of photos to use across all digital or print platforms.

question 6

How do I schedule my session?

It's simple.  If you'd like more information about my branding sessions,  CONTACT ME and my assistant will schedule a discovery call so we can chat about how we can make your brand come to life through photos.

DOP - Senior Pics - Senior Photos - Maryland Photographer - Harford County_5939.jpg

question 7

Do I need to know how to pose during my session?

Nope, not at all!  I will guide you through all of your posing. I pride myself on posing infused with movement so every pose looks natural and not forced or fake.

question 8

What should I wear?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, but we will work on styling your session together.  I also have access to multiple style consultants should you need specific wardrobe recommendations.

Baltimore-Branding-Phogographer-Personal Branding-Small Business-Maryland_3248.jpg
Baltimore-Branding-Phogographer-Personal Branding-Small Business-Maryland_3232.jpg

it's an experience.

more than just photos.

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