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Let's be real here for a second.  Most senior boys aren't really thinking about senior pics.  If you found yourself on this page, my bet is that you're the mom of a senior boy.  As a boy mom myself, I'm already emotional thinking about all of the milestones ahead for my guy.  And if you're like me, you want to bottle up all these moments and save them forever.  So maybe your guy doesn't really want senior pics, but YOU do.  Well, I'm here to make this experience pain-free for them and so memorable for you!

My goal is to design a session that's completely custom.  I try to find locations that suit each guy's style and personality and choose outfits that he's most comfortable in.  The end result?  A senior who actually enjoyed the process (even though he may never admit it), and a mom (likely crying after receiving her gallery) who has so many pictures to fill her walls that completely depict her not-so-little boy anymore.




So, you're excited for your senior's session.  Your first thought might be to run to the nearest J. Crew and grab a new button down and a pair of khakis so he looks like the perfect, put-together senior.  And, sure, that may be your guy's vibe, but for most, that's not totally a style they would typically wear. 

For most boys, I find it most important to choose a location that's fit for HIM... particularly because the location will guide the style - the outfit, the posing, and the overall vibe of his photos.  If he plays a sport - we 1,000% need to document that - on the court, on the field, on the ice - trust me, he'll be most comfortable there.  If he's a Vans wearing, skateboard riding, chill guy, let's head to a city location or your nearby town where he can bring his board or rock those Vans.  Bottom line, let's not make him into something he's not.  Let's embrace who he is at this very moment.  And on his wedding day - which is most likely the next time he'll have professional photos taken - you'll be guaranteed that shirt and tie (cue tears now).  For now, let him do him.



Once you schedule your session, you'll receive a link to the digital DOP Guys Style Guide. This 30-page guide will walk you through some style tips in order to prep for your big day. 


About a month prior to your session, we will schedule a discovery call where I get to learn all about you to understand your style and personality.  On this call, we will finalize the location + I will make general outfit recommendations for the location we choose.  After our call, we will continue to finalize your looks via text or email.


On the day of the shoot, all you have to do is show up.  Shooting your senior portrait session is my favorite part! Nervous?  Don't be!  I'll guide you every step of the way from selecting the most flattering lighting to posing.  Your images will look natural and not forced or fake.  We'll laugh, we'll have fun! Trust me, it's a total blast!  Don't believe me, see what some others had to say!


After your shoot, I know you're super excited to see some which is why I send you a sneak peek within 24 hours of your session.  About 3 weeks after your session, you'll receive your proof gallery!  After viewing your gallery, you will select which collection you would like to purchase. Collections include a combination of digital images and print products so you can choose the one right for your needs. Galleries remain open for a year after your session, so additional products can be purchased for up to a year.

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My son wasn't into having his senior pictures taken, but I told him these pics were not for him - they were for me. I made him promise to have an open mind and try to have little fun - and that is what he (and I) did.  Des' energy and enthusiasm for her art combined with her ability to make my son feel comfortable in front of the camera resulted in unique, high-quality pictures that perfectly capture 'him.'

dop-desiree ortman-photography-maryland-photographer-senior photos-senior pics_3116.jpg


My son knew he wanted to do photos in his favorite place... the ice rink. When Desiree told him to shoot a puck over top of her while she laid on the ice, I knew he was all in! He truly felt in his element and was so comfortable posing for the rest of the photoshoot.  

And the final photos…AMAZING!

Desiree Ortman Photography-Maryland-Baltimore-Senior-Photographer-Senior Pics_3215.jpg

Kris o.

There are many photographers in our area, but none with the knack of capturing seniors quite like Desiree does.  I've had 2 boys so far have their senior photos taken with Desiree and the whole experience was amazing. She has a way of capturing their personality and spirit.  I remember telling her to get a genuine smile out of my oldest would be a feat in and of itself, but she did it. She makes these teens feel like celebrities. She is so much FUN to work with!  

"Just a little note to the moms... go with your senior. to their session.  Take it all in with them, but prepare yourself. You're going to see glimpses of your little one and the young adult they are becoming all within the same moment.  Tissues are highly recommended."

- Keri O.

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