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So, you're a senior.  YAY!  Let's celebrate your last year of grade school, shall we?  It's a tradition that you take "senior pictures" to document this huge milestone, but long gone are the days of the classic drape and rose.  While I know that most schools in Maryland still require that dreadful get-up for yearbook photos, most of you really want cute pics for your feed and your parents want beautiful images to frame for their walls to commemorate this exciting time... and realistically the last professional photos you'll get until your wedding day (say what?!?!).  That's where I come in.  I work with seniors all over Maryland to create custom portrait sessions that are designed to highlight everyone's unique style and personality.  I help with everything from selecting a location that matches your vision, choosing a cultivated wardrobe to match your style, and guiding you through poses that look natural and relaxed.  

A session with me is so much more than just photos.  It's really an experience.  Not only does every session include professional make-up, but we also spend over two hours together having fun exploring a location and swapping outfits so you have a gallery of images that represent who YOU are.  And the BEST part, you'll leave your session with the confidence you never knew you needed.  

When you receive your images, I'm certain that you'll be blown away by the final product.

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more than photos.


If you’re fun and outgoing, I'm going to capture that in your images. If you prefer a more serious look, let's showcase that. Want both? Perfect. I can't wait to capture who YOU are.

My senior sessions are fun and effortless.  I assist you with everything from outfit selection to posing and in the end, you're left with images that are magazine worthy!

In today's environment, images are covered in filter over filter.  That is NOT my style.  I pride myself in a clean editing style that maintains the true colors, textures and tones in each and every image.



Once you schedule your session, you'll receive a link to the digital DOP Style Guide.  This 30-page guide will walk you through some style tips in order to prep for your big day. 


About a month prior to your session, we will schedule a discovery call where I get to learn all about you to understand your style and personality.  On this call, we will finalize the location + I will make general outfit recommendations for the location we choose.  After our call, we will continue to finalize your looks via text or email.


On the day of the shoot, all you have to do is show up.  All of my senior portrait sessions include professional makeup, so once you're finished getting glammed, we'll head out to have fun!  Shooting your senior portrait session is my favorite part! Nervous?  Don't be!  I'll guide you every step of the way from selecting the most flattering lighting to posing.  Your images will look natural and not forced or fake.  We'll laugh, we'll have fun! Trust me, it's a total blast!  Don't believe me, see what some others had to say!


After your shoot, I know you're super excited to see some which is why I send you a sneak peek within 24 hours of your session.  About 3 weeks after your session, you'll receive your proof gallery!  After viewing your gallery, you will select which collection you would like to purchase. Collections include a combination of digital images and print products so you can choose the one right for your needs. Galleries remain open for a year after your session, so additional products can be purchased for up to a year.

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My experience with Des was incredible.  She went above and beyond to make it possible, and even found a vintage VW Bus to match the hippie vibe I was going for. 

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Jessica D.

I had a blast working with Des because it felt like we were just hanging out and traveling around. It was super fun walking through the city and using the area as our canvas.

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Des made the experience awesome and she made me feel so comfortable shooting and gave me the perfect poses. She made it very very fun!


not ready to book your senior session, yet?  below are the most common questions I get.  if you still have questions after reading, don't hesitate to contact me directly.

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question 1

Do you help with choosing locations?

YES.  I've spent the past 4 years scouting all sorts of locations from flower fields to cityscapes, so that every session isn't a carbon copy of the next.  On your discovery call, we'll chat about what you're drawn to and what locations would match that vibe.  If you have an idea that's super out of the box, I'll even scout new locations to make sure we nail the vibe.

question 2

How much do you charge?

My session fee is $350 and that covers makeup and up to 2 hours of shooting time with 4-5 outfit selections.  Image collections are purchased about 3 weeks after your session.  Contact me for more information and pricing.

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question 3

Do you recommend getting hair + make-up done?

I actually include professional make-up with every girl's session. If you'd like to add-on hair, you can for $100.  I partner with several stylists in the area and can easily add hair services on to your session!

question 4

How far out do you book?

I usually start booking seniors the spring before their senior year.  Most seniors prefer to do their photos in the summer or fall of their senior year; however, I do shoot year-round. 

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question 5

When is the best time to schedule?

That's totally up to YOU! While most seniors prefer to do their photos the summer before their senior year or in the fall, the timing is totally dependent on the vibe you want and what you want to wear.  Want lush flowers and sundresses?  Then July-September is ideal.  Want chunky sweaters and gorgeous fall tones?  Late October and early November is best.  Not sure, just contact me and we can chat about what's right for you!

question 6

How do I schedule my session?

It's simple.  If you'd like more information about my portrait sessions,  CONTACT ME and my assistant will send you a copy of the Session Guide that contains all the info you'll need to get started.

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question 7

Do I need to know how to pose during my session?

Nope, not at all!  I will guide you through all of your posing. I pride myself on posing infused with movement so every pose looks natural and not forced or fake.

question 8

Do you still work with dancers?

YES!  While the majority of my work on my website showcases seniors, I still work with a lot of dancers.  For more information about the process and pricing, please CONTACT ME.

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question 9

Do you work with boys, too!

YES!  While most of my clients are girls, I do work with boys also.  I'm in the process of creating a style guide for boys, too and dedicating a whole page on my website full of inspo for boys, so stay tuned!

question 10

What should I wear?

Struggling with what to wear?  I'm here to help!  I pride myself of designing custom portrait sessions that bring out your individual style and personality - simply put, I don't want you to go out and buy a white sundress because that's what your BFF did. Your look depends on where we're shooting and the sorts of things YOU like to wear.  The styling process starts right after booking your session.  You'll receive a link to my DOP Style Guide that contains all sorts of info about selecting your outfits - everything from where to shop, to what to avoid - it's all in there.  During our discovery call, we'll chat in detail about what you're thinking and then we'll discuss specific ideas leading up to your session.  I've even sent specific shopping links to make the process even easier. 

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working with Desiree was an experience I'll never forget.  I had a blast shooting with her.  She made me feel like a true super model!  And the photos are the best photos I've ever had taken.


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