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Footloose Photo Editorial | 80's Prom Photoshoot | Senior Photographer

If you were around for my Clueless Editorial you know that I love a good movie tribute. Actually, I was hoping to do a Footloose editorial with that same group of reps that spring, but I couldn't figure out how to find over ten 80's prom dresses to outfit the group, so I gave up.

Flash forward to 2022, and I am thrilled to have yet another boy join my DOP REP bunch. As soon as I announced the team my mind started spinning with how to make this shoot happen...and fast.

With prom season upon us, I knew that an ode to Footloose meant more than a fun tribute to 80's prom fashion. This year is the first year since Covid hit in 2020 that school-sponsored proms are back in business. I'm so excited for the Class of 2022, but sadly the class of 2020 and 2021 were robbed of so many experiences, and it saddened me so much because my senior milestones to this day are some of my favorite memories. BUT what happened in 2020 and 2021 was pretty special. Mom-sponsored proms held in barns, backyards and under tents were popping up all over the country. Parents got creative and made things happen for their kids. These "mom proms" showed a strong resemblance to that famous last scene in Footloose, so what better way to celebrate the return of prom season than with a Footloose-themed photoshoot.

The first order of business was to find prom dresses to outfit my brand new Class of 2023 DOP REPs. With just one quick Facebook post, I was able to collect over 12 authentic 80's prom dresses from friends, clients and even friends of friends. Next was the location. Pine Ridge Farm is a gorgeous wedding venue located in Stewartstown, PA. The owners are actually clients of mine. I had the privilege of doing their daughter's senior photos this past year. We did part of her shoot on their farm and the inside of their barn, strung with string lights, I knew would be perfect for this shoot. And as a bonus we were even able to use other areas around the farm to recreate some other memorable scenes from the movie!

Now I know you're dying to get to the pics from this epic shoot, but I need to give a huge thank you to my amazing team that helped bring this shoot to life!

All of the hair was done by April Kenney, owner and stylist at Salon 1401 and her daughter Kaleena. Balloons were done by Gina at The Party Bin. And HUGE thank you to my loyal assistant Jenna Zavoyna and the parents who helped me with all of the set-up in record speed!

My models showed up and BIG time! This amazing "cast" couldn't have been more perfect! Our Ren, Aidan Gresock, is an amazing dancer at E-Street Dance Academy in Edgewood. Our Ariel, Brynn Seergae, is a cheerleader at Fallston High School. So getting into character wasn't a challenge at all. Abby Cardella, the gem in that royal blue dress, is also a dancer at Rage Box Dance Center in Forest Hill with Emma Snyder (adorning that aqua ruffled dress). Emma also helped out in a major way with the make-up for the girls! Rose and Erin also dance and do theatre as well, so getting into character wasn't an issue for them at all. Julianna, Sophia and Alyssa rounded out this cast and Sophia's mom was even so generous to let us borrow all of her amazing costume jewels. It really was a team effort for this one!

Here's a full list of the DOP Models who took part in this shoot:

Aidan Gresock - Havre de Grace High School

Abby Cardella - Aberdeen High School

Julianna Giglio-Tos - Fallston High School

Emma Snyder - Bel Air High School

Brynn Seergae - Fallston High School

Alyssa Geddie - Harford Tech High School

Sophia Lillis - Patterson Mill High School

Rose Glennon - Notre Dame Prep

Erin Acerno - Greenridge Academy

Now in true Kevin Bacon Fashion - LET'S DANCE!!!!

While not necessarily directly from the movie, I really wanted to give a subtle nod to the vibrancy of the 80's with a few fun feature shots that focus more on the style and fun of this decade.

Here are some of my other fav moments from the scenes outside of prom...

...and that's a wrap! If you enjoyed reading about this DOP session make sure to like this post and comment down below your fav photo. Stay tuned for more soon! XOXO!

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