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Zoe | Graffiti Alley Dance Photos | Baltimore Dance Photographer | Headshot Photographer

Meet Zoe! Zoe is a b-girl and ballerina at Jamz Dance Studio in Pasadena, MD. Zoe met Des while attending the Rage Box hip hop workshop last summer, where Des is the studio photographer. Zoe needed updated headshots for auditions and also wanted some dance shots as well. Zoe opted for Des' "everything session" and did both her headshots and dance pics in one day. Des worked with Zoe to find a location that truly showcased both sides of her dance life and wrapped up with headshots in the studio.

Graffiti Alley is truly a hidden gem in Baltimore! Located outside of the Graffiti Warehouse, the alley way is dedicated to preserving street art done by Baltimore street artists. Not a single inch of Graffiti Alley is left bare. Every color, word, or shape you could imagine is somewhere in that alley! This killer location makes for incredible dance photos.

Zoe is trained in all styles of dance, making her session super fun and diverse. Between being in pointe shoes and jumping for days, to timbs and a crop top... this shoot is never boring. Enjoy!

When I said not a single inch of the alley goes unpainted, I meant it! From the walls, to the ground, to even the trash cans.... this space is so bright, bold, and fun!

Zoe brought her b-boy coach along with her! Check out some of his work here.

Thanks for the read! Hope you loved this gallery!

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