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Breaking the Mold on the Senior Sesh | Isabel | Class of 2020 | Parkville High School, Baltimore MD

When I first met with my senior reps this year, I told them to start brainstorming some ideas for their own senior sesh. One of the benefits of being one of my senior reps [pssstttt.... apps for Class of 2021 are currently open!!] is that I really get the chance to know you, and so designing your personalized senior session is much easier for me.

Isabel is one of my 2020 Senior Reps. This summer Iz sent me the link to a photo sesh she saw on Instagram that recreated some iconic album covers. She expressed her love for music, and I told her that I loved the out-of-the-box thinking and I would brainstorm some ideas for her. We first chatted about shooting in a Record Store, but we never found one that matched the vibe she was going for. She mentioned the idea of loving a very high-fashion styled shoot, but I really wanted to incorporate her love for music, so I asked her for a list of her favorite artists. She replied with Harry Styles, Kacey Musgraves, and Lorde. She also mentioned she loved the show Euphoria. So I did a little Insta stalking and Google searching and pulled a few images that would become the inspiration for our shoot.

I told Iz that hair, makeup and styling would play a huge part in this shoot and she was all-in. I told her we were going to use a red backdrop, since that was a common element in our inspo, so we should stick to a pretty monochromatic color palette. She hit up Zara and grabbed some pretty amazing pieces. My girl Meaghan with Fleurt Beauty Co. totally delivered on the hair and make-up, too.

Honestly, this shoot pushed me out of my comfort zone and I loved every second. We played around with some gels to recreate some of the iconic coloring used in Euphoria, we got creative with our posing and had a blast!

This whole shoot just proves that every senior sesh doesn't need to be outdoors in a field, of course I love those, too, but your senior sesh should speak to YOU as an individual, so be bold, be original, be YOU!

Desiree Ortman Photography Music Inspired Senior Portrait Session



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