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Class of 2025 DOP REPS Announcement | Maryland Senior Photographer

A few weeks ago I officially welcomed my Class of 2025 DOP REPS! This is my largest group to date and I couldn't be more excited for what's ahead.

This year, our team represents 14 different schools in Harford and Baltimore County. And for the first time ever I'm welcoming 4 BOYS to the team!

Do you know one of the reps? Ask them for the DOP REP code and you can receive 5 additional images from your own senior session for free!

Don't forget my books for the Class of 2025 open on MARCH 1, 2024, so make sure you CONTACT ME asap so you can be first to get in the books!

Annnnddddd... without further adieu, let's meet the team!

Top Row:

  • Abigail - Bel Air High School

  • Logan - Harford Tech High School

  • Ally - Patterson Mill High School

  • Cael - North Harford High School

  • Kaitlyn - C. Milton Wright High School

  • Maggie - North Harford High School

2nd Row:

  • Sophie - Notre Dame Prep

  • Hailey - Harford Tech High School

  • Justin - Joppatowne High School

  • Maddie - Harford Tech High School

  • Piper - Bel Air High School

  • Addy - John Carroll School

3rd Row:

  • Cameron - Harford Tech High School

  • Liv - Roland Park Country School

  • Amelia Z. - Bel Air High School

  • Brooke - Perry Hall High School

  • Grayson - C. Milton Wright High School

  • Ava Demcher - Edgewood High School

4th Row:

  • Jenna - John Carroll School

  • Lilly - North Harford High School

  • Mikayla - Harford Tech High School

  • Alyza - North Harford High School

  • Julia - North Harford High School

  • Grace - Fallston High School

5th Row:

  • Jaycee - Swan Creek School

  • Jillian - Edgewood High School

  • Amelia G. - John Carroll School

  • Roman - Aberdeen High School

  • Ella - John Carroll School

  • Lillian - Fallston High School


Just be YOURSELF because an ORIGINAL is always worth more than a copy.


This year's theme was all about MAKING YOUR MARK and being ORIGINAL! The team helped create our backdrop from scratch by adding their own 2025 stamps as well as their signatures.


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