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Euphoria-Inspired Editorial with a Rollerskating Disco Twist

Hello again! It's been a minute since I last posted. In case you missed it, I recently changed assistants, so I'm a bit behind on blogging since at this point it's me doing all the writing. And given Fall is #seniorszn I've been a little preoccupied.

Back in August, I complete my 4th shoot with my Class of 2023 DOP REPS. I wanted to dedicate a blog to this shoot because it was a true collab with some of my fav boss babes.

Before we get to the pics, you know I have to do a little story time :-)

Behind every one of my DOP REP editorials there is usually a story. This one started with a convo between me and my makeup artist, Rachael Wontrop. Back in the spring she posted on her insta stories about wanting to create some Euphoria-Inspired makeup looks.

In all honesty, I am not an avid watcher of the show, but being that it's all the rage lately, I'm familiar with the overall aesthetic. Rachael and I chatted briefly about trying to incorporate this theme into my Class of 2023 editorial calendar, but I knew that if I was going to take a stab at this, it wasn't going to be a complete dupe of the show. I also had an idea of doing a rollerskating shoot this year, too, so I ultimately decided to blend the two ideas together. With makeup covered, wardrobe was up next.

For this shoot I partnered with Apricot Lane Cockeysville. For all of my Bel Air peeps, did you know that each Apricot Lane is individually owned and operated, so this location isn't the same as the brand new spot in Bel Air. Every owner curates their own stock and Rena, the owner of the Cockeysville location prides herself on offering the latest trends and some edgy styles that are sure to add a kick to your wardrobe and may take you a bit out of your comfort a good way. Her goal is to offer both mothers and daughters a place to shop while providing a unique personalized experience.

This is the inspo I sent to Rena for the shoot...

And this is what she curated for me...

We really tried to play up the purple tones of the shoot. Some of our final looks changed a little, but I love how it all came together. And huge plus - all of the looks are available in her store for purchase!

After we had the outfits outlined, I worked on some hair inspo for my hair stylist April Kenney of Salon 1401.

What I loved most about this shoot was that I got to try out a ton of new techniques. To accomplish these looks, we used everything from a projector and disco ball to iridescent cellophane. The reason I do these editorials every year, besides it being a really fun experience for my reps, is to showcase my depth when it comes to photography. When I started my biz, I knew I wanted to be more than a "natural light photographer." I worked countless hours learning how to use flash and this shoot allowed me to explore new and fun artistic techniques.

So without further ado, here is just some of the magic from our Euphoria-Inspired Roller Disco Shoot.

Models: Olivia Nelson (C. Milton Wright), Ryleigh Stockson (John Carroll), Abby Cardella (Aberdeen High School)

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