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Taylor | Fallston High| Off-Duty Model-Inspired Senior Photos | Baltimore Senior Photographer

Meet Tay(lor) lol! You may recognize her as one of the 2021 DOP senior reps, "the girl who played Cher" in the Clueless shoot, or even as a Rage Box dancer. Taylor has worked with Des manyyyyy times! Exhibit A:

Because Tay has had so much experience in front of the camera with Des, she wanted her senior session to be different. The inspiration behind Taylor's shoot is "off-duty model"... and she absolutely fulfills this role! Just hear it from Tay herself...

"My inspiration for this shoot was an off-duty model look. I love an outfit that can look effortless but also make you look super put together, and I thought the city would be a great place for that kind of vibe. My outfits were simple and did not have much color, so I knew I wanted to contrast that simplicity with the busyness and colors of the city. Working with Desiree was so much fun! She really did a great job at capturing the concept I wanted for the shoot. She instructed me to bring my phone and sunglasses for some photos which I wouldn’t have thought of, but loved that idea and it turned out so cool. It also added a lot of variety to my pictures. I could tell she really cares and goes above and beyond to making the shoot everything you want it to be. Desiree also made it so easy to be in front of the camera and enjoy it. Not only were the pictures amazing, but I also had so much fun."

Now that you've heard from Taylor herself, I'll let the photos speak for themselves! Here is Taylor's senior session...

The fact that this picture was taken in front of a 711 has me like *insert shocked face emoji*

I love when Des sneaks in a couple of family photos! Aren't they the cutest?!

Giving me all the greek goddess vibes and I am HERE FOR IT!

This vintage diner though!>>>

...and that's a wrap! If you liked reading about Taylor's senior session make sure to like this post and comment down below your fav photo. Stay tuned for more portfolio posts coming soon. XOXO!

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