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Maryland Event Photographer // This is Seven - Teen Beach Style

This past weekend our family celebrated our little girl's 7th birthday (I still can't believe I have a 7-year-old - eeekkk). I have been a little lax over the past few years about getting my camera out to take photos of my own kiddos, but I wanted to soak in and capture every moment of this birthday! And I'm so glad I was able to freeze some super special moments of this super special day!

Scarlett is obsessed with every Disney "musical," and when she told me she wanted a Teen Beach Movie-themed Birthday Party I wasn't exactly sure how to pull that one off. I mean, sure, beach decorations... easy peezy, but what in the world would all of her guests do to occupy them for the length of the party. I searched high and low for ideas when it hit me! I will bring in my super fun hair and make-up team (the ladies of Fleurt Beauty Company) to give all of the little girl's Teen Beach Movie Make-overs! I think it's safe to say these little ladies had a blast!

cake + cake pops: Decorated Dreams

Scarlett's Lela Dress + Neck Scarves: Linda Clary (my mom & Scarlett's grandma)

cookies: Cindy Ortman (my mother-in-law & Scarlett's grandma)

decor: Me! (and my mom who made the backdrop and supplied the vintage 45's)

I mean how cute are these girlies with their Teen Beach Makeovers!

A party isn't complete without a little dance circle and CONGA line!

'til the next one! xo

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