Quick Tips // Styling Your Family's Photo Shoot // Harford County Family Photographer

The question I get asked the most by my clients is, “what do you suggest we wear for our photos.”  Unfortunately, the answer to this questions isn't a quick one, so I decided to write a little post outlining some of my top tips.   Planning for a family photo session can be outright dreadful, but that's why you hired me!  I love working one-on-one with every client to provide guidance every step of the way.

So here are my top six tips when it comes to styling your next family photo session.  Hopefully this helps provide some general direction when you start thinking about selecting your wardrobe for your session.

Tip #1.  Location Matters

A family having photos taken on the beach won’t necessarily wear the same thing as a family having photos taken downtown in a more urban setting.  So before you start shopping for your family’s wardrobe, consider the setting.  Now, of course there's always the element of surprise.  For instance, I love a super formal look in a rustic tree-farm or a casual, boho look in downtown Baltimore, but in general, think about where you are having your photos taken first before selecting your outfits.  If your photographer has suggested a location you’ve never been to before, ask to see images of the setting, so you can get an idea as to what it looks like!  If you are dead-set on a specific "look," let the photographer know so he or she can choose a location that best suits that look.  You also want to keep in mind the overall color at the location.  For instance, you probably want to steer clear from a lot of solid greens if doing a shoot on a wooded trail during the spring.  And just one more quick (semi-related) tip... consider the season.  Bright pink is most definitely going to clash with the rustic tones of Fall and red and green will look a tad "off" on the beach. 

Let's look at some examples.... I recently worked with a client on an engagement session.  She was very specific that she wanted a rustic setting, so once we selected the location, I worked with her one-on-one to select an outfit that would compliment it.  I mean, a rustic barn just screams for some subtle feminine flare and of course cowboy boots!