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Love + Basketball (and Soccer, too) // A Fun Twist on Family Portraits // Harford County Family Phot

I was honored when a friend of mine asked me to take some portraits of her family this spring. Aside from picking a date, one of the first things clients ask me is, "where do you typically take family portraits." While I do work in a studio setting (mainly for my boudoir work), I always prefer getting outside, especially for family pics.

I do have a few fav spots around Harford County, but I always ask the client to describe their style? Are they an an adventurous family that loves hiking and nature? Are they more traditional, and prefer a more classic setting. Are they a family that loves city living? Are they celebrating an anniversary? Maybe we can we sneak back to that location?

So when I asked my friend this question, she said I need to get back to you! A few days later, I got a message that said, "I was thinking - we are a pretty sporty-ish family. Maybe we can incorporate that?" I immediately could envision these photos and quickly responded that we needed to find an outdoor basketball court to do these photos! She loved the idea and the rest is history. This shoot was by far one of my favorite family shoots to-date. We even found a hill and got a few silhouette shots at the end of the night.

Not only were we able to utilize the basketball courts, but we also got out on the soccer field for a few shots.

And we even snuck in a few traditional shots as well.

Adorable German Shepard, Rommel was even able to make his debut is some pics, too!

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