Tips for a Killer Senior Portrait Session | Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer

Long gone are the days of boring senior photos with a drape and a fake red rose. Senior portraits these days are less about the yearbook photo and more about capturing this rad time in a teen's life. I mean, we're documenting a HUGE milestone! For the senior, it's celebrating 12 years of school completed and a massive leap into the real world! For us mamas, it's celebrating 17/18 years of raising this awesome human. Think about the last time this baby of yours had a photoshoot that was just about them? Sure, you've had family photos taken over the years, but this time they are the star of the show. And realistically this will be their last solo shoot. I mean, not to get all sappy here, but the next round of photos you will likely hang on your wall are going to be their wedding photos (say what?!?!). So why not make this session all sorts of amazing??

Whether you're graduating this year or planning for next year, here are my top 5 tips for for planning a killer senior sesh!

1. Location. Location. Location

My goal is to make sure these photos truly represent the seniors personality. When you book your session, one of the first things we'll talk about is the location. I always ask my client's to describe their style. When planning Evan's session (pictured above), his mom said he is a dancer at The Rage Box (which happens to be the dance studio my daughter dances at) and loves hip hop. She described his style as trendy. Immediately, I knew we weren't going to do Evan's photos on a wooded trail! We needed an urban vibe for sure! I mean breakdancing in the street was a must-have shot, am I right?!?