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Art-Inspired Editorial | Keith Haring | Class of 2022 DOP Senior Reps | Baltimore, MD

Des' goal as a senior photographer is always to showcase the unique style and personality of every client. So when deciding on the theme for the second editorial shoot for her class of 2022 DOP senior reps, she knew she wanted something completely different than what's already been done. A couple of months back, Des was shopping on when she noticed a few pieces that showcased Keith Haring's work. She had seen his work before, but never knew much about him or the roots of his work, so she began researching Haring and stumbled upon the piece below, which became her inspiration for this shoot. Des loved the bright colors and how the figures seemed to be intertwined in a funky tapestry. She knew it would provide for some creative posing and had a vision of taking the piece below and putting a high-fashion editorial spin on it.

After doing some more research, she found that this piece showcases 'figures' - an array multi-colored, faceless figures that represent humans as distinct but equal beings that are a staple in Haring's work. Des was eager to learn the representation behind these so-called figures and stumbled upon an article that told some of the story... Haring wrote in his journal, "It is important to the future existence of the human race that we understand the importance of the individual and the reality that we are all different, all individuals, all changing and contributing to the 'whole' as individuals not as groups or products of 'mass-identity' or stereotyped groups of humans with the same goals and needs."

Des is always encouraging teens to embrace who they are and to bring their own individuality to their sessions. Originally, Des just loved the vibrancy of Haring's work, but after digging into the meaning behind some of it, particularly his work that showcases these vibrant figures, this editorial took one a whole new meaning. Des saw this editorial as a way to celebrate what makes us each unique - pink, blue, yellow, green or orange - we're all different and that's remarkable.

As for bringing this whole concept to life, it all starts with some inspo... Des usually starts on Pinterest, then does some Insta browsing and then some web surfing. For this shoot she knew she wanted a high fashion feel, so inspirations like Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar were some of her first stops.

Pulling this shoot off was not an easy task. Wardrobe played a critical role in making this shoot come to life. Des styled this shoot using monochromatic outfits from Zara, Shein, Amazon and even some thrifted looks from Goodwill (peep those yellow booties that Des spray painted yellow). Hair and Makeup also had to be point. What better ladies to call than Rachael from Fleurt Beauty Company and April from Salon 1401 to create these bold, fun looks?! Des also needed stellar backdrop art - one that wouldn't replicate Haring's work, but would emulate its general style. Amy from Amy Scripts created stunning backdrops for the class of 2022 DOP senior reps meet up (see here!) so, (of course) Des asked her to create more magic! Finally, venue! The shoot needed to be held in a large, versatile white space. Haven Street Ballroom in Baltimore was just that!

So without further ado, here is the class of 2022 DOP senior reps Keith Haring editorial shoot! enjoy...








If you're not familiar, Keith Haring was a famous American artist whose artwork emerged in New York graffiti subcul ture in the 1980s. Haring's artwork has become more prominent in pop culture recently, known for it's vibrancy and eye-catching, cartoon like drawings.

Much of his work carries social messages., and in 1989, Haring established the Keith Haring Foundation to sustain, expand, and protect his legacy, his art and his ideals. The Foundation supports not-for-profit organizations that assist children, as well as organizations involved in education, prevention and care related to AIDS.


...and that's a wrap! If you enjoyed reading about the class of 2022 DOP senior reps editorial shoot make sure to like this post and comment down below your fav photo. Stay tuned for more portfolio posts coming soon. XOXO!

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