Floral Boho Editorial | DOP 2022 Senior Reps | Boho Photos | Baltimore, MD

Last weekend was the first shoot for the class of 2022 DOP senior reps... and let me tell you, it was everything! Des has been planning this boho, floral shoot for months. Finally, all the pieces came together to create well... perfection!

This whole shoot started with an image Des found on Pinterest {check it out below}. Des has yet to do anything genuine boho with her senior reps. Most everything to-date has been bold, bright colors and more of a high brow editorial vibe. This year, Des decided to shake things up a bit and do something simple and pretty. Des didn't want just your average, girl in a field boho, she wanted to infuse it with lush blooms and a very high-end organic style.

The image above eventually evolved into the mood board below which became the guide for the hairstyling, floral design, outfit inspo and make-up aesthetic.