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Class of 2022 DOP Senior Rep Meet Up | Maryland Senior Photographer | Senior Model Team

This past Sunday was the first meet-up for the Class of 2022 DOP Senior Rep Team! SO crazy to think I was in the same shoes as these girls just two years ago.... the only difference being how much the program has grown since! In 2019, Des asked six Rage Box Dance Center seniors to be "test pilots" for a new senior rep program she was launching. We met in her living room with our moms and ate Chick-Fil-A nuggets between headshots. Fast forward to 2021, Des had 40+ girls apply for the rep program, leaving her with the difficult task of selecting just 18. She chose 18 girls that she believed embodied the DOP brand. The DOP senior rep experience is all about spreading positivity, joy, and confidence... and these girls exemplify that!

This year's meet-up took place at the Maryland Creative Collective, a space for local creatives to simply... create! Create magic for that matter. The space was perfect for the meet-up! The reps were kept busy the entire time. Between having a team meeting, bleach dying rep shirts, taking headshots, and making Tik Toks... these girls had a blast (me included).

The super talented Amy Scripts partnered with Des for the rep meet-up! Every girl got a little goodie bag with a DOP t-shirt, stickers, and a session styling guide. Amy designed the rep t-shirts and stickers! The girls got to personalize their t-shirts by bleach dying them (check out my Des' insta next week for a fun photo challenge she's doing to show off the shirts)! Amy also created the stunning backdrop. She followed the DOP bright color scheme and message of "making your mark!". She also used her killer calligraphy skills to write each girls name on the backdrop.

I just can't contain my excitement any longer! So happy to introduce you to the class of 2022 DOP senior reps, enjoy!

Time for some introductions..

+ Kylie: Havre de Grace High School

+ Jessica: North Harford High School

+ Skylar: Bel Air High School

+ Mackenzie: Maryvale Prep

+ Belle: John Carroll School

+ Jillian: John Carroll School

+ Alex: Maryvale Prep

+ Rachel: John Carroll School

+ Mackenzie: Notre Dame Prep

+ Emily: Bel Air High School

+ Bethany: North Harford High School

+ Madison: Notre Dame Prep

+ Kyra: Harford Tech

+ Grace: Bel Air High School

+ Caroline: Havre de Grace High School

+ Gabby: Harford Tech

+ Allie: Fallston High School

+ Nicole: Mercy High School

These girls are seriously so much fun! Can't wait to see their special year documented. The girls have three big styled shoots planned for this year, so stay tuned!

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