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Chloe | BSA - Class of 2021 | Baltimore, MD | Food-Themed Ice Cream and Donuts Senior Session

Before we dive into another fun shoot from the class of 2021, just a heads-up... Des just opened her Spring calendar and is now booking for this spring and summer! Dancers, seniors, teens, tweens sprint on over to her contact form to schedule your sesh today!

Ok, next up the gorgeous Chloe! Chloe is one of Des' 2021 senior reps, you might recognize her from the Clueless shoot where she starred as (a killer) Dionne!

Anywayssss, when Chloe booked her senior session with Des she knew she wanted to do a food-themed shoot... Donuts, and ice cream galore! and Des knew just the place.

Des' first group of senior reps in 2o19, had their first editorial shoot in Canton at B'More Licks! What better place to have a sweets-themed shoot? The vibrant, colorful mural was just the look Chloe was going for!

The "donut part" of the session was shot at Full Circle Doughnuts with the adorable, giant donut (or doughnut) sign! They were closed when this shoot was happening, so don't be fooled... the donut featured is not from Full Circle Doughnuts, but that would've been way cooler!

In addition to B'More Licks and Full Circle Doughnuts, Chloe and Des also shot in parts of Canton and Hampden. Chloe chose an adorable cherry-print babydoll dress for her second look which also helped to tie in the food theme and she finished her shoot in a red corset look, making for stunning sunset photos.

Okay! I'm done talking (lol!). Now onto the gallery... Beware! You will end up being hungry, haha, enjoy!

Here's what Chloe had to say about her senior session with Des:

"I wanted my shoot to show my personality, and I didn’t want it to be too serious. I also wanted to incorporate food since I love food so much! It was an amazing experience, since we had the ability to take the shoot in the city. Desiree also made it so fun with her creativity for the shoots and just her personality in general!"

The lighting in these photos is unreal, that sky though!

... and now onto outfit #3! Loving this red corset.




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