Bryant | C. Milton Wright High School | Class of 2021 | Urban Senior Photo Session| Baltimore, MD

The most popular times for senior photos are during the summer and fall... so when Bryant (a 2021 DOP Rep) approached Des about doing a winter session, she was thrilled. Winter tends to be an "off season" for Des, so being able to shoot in the chillier weather was something different. Shooting during this off-season also gives you more options from a scheduling standpoint.

Not sure if winter is for you? One of the first things you should think about when you are scheduling your senior session is what you might want to wear? Traditionally, most boys don't want to wear shorts and a t-shirt in their photos, unless we're doing shots on the sports field. Wearing jeans and a sweater in the summer heat would be miserable, so a winter sesh in late November is much better.

Bryant is a phenomenal dancer but, he didn't want his senior session to be just about that. He also wanted to showcase his love of the city and streetwear. Bryant wanted his senior photos to feel very "pedestrian". Taking all of this in consideration, Des selected the Baltimore light rail station near Camden Yards, the Convention Center, and M&T Bank Stadium for his shoot.

Bryant also decided to add on a studio session as well. Since Bryant is a performer, he wanted to update his headshots to use for auditions and performance opportunities. The buisness-like headshots in contrast to the casual, streetwear look make for a killer senior session!

Here is Bryant's senior session: