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DOP Senior Reps Kindness Campaign | Community Service Project w/ Extreme Family Outreach | Joppa, MD

When I first launched my first senior rep program this spring, it was important to me for it to be more than just about the photos. Sure, we'd do some epic styled shoots, like this one, but I wanted these girls to be seen as role models in the community. I wanted them to see that beauty isn't just what's on the outside, it's what's on the inside. It's about being kind, making a difference, and spreading love. So before school started, we launched our very first DOP Senior Rep Kindness Campaign. This tradition will continue every year, and each year we'll select a difference cause to give back to. For our inaugural year, I wanted to somehow link our mission to school. Also, I was born and raised in Harford County, so I really wanted to find a local organization to partner with.

This year we partnered with Extreme Family Outreach to assist with their Back to School Bash. Extreme Family Outreach conducts community impact programs that provide educational and emotional support to children and families in many underserved communities throughout Harford County. Every year they distribute over 600 bags of school supplies during our events in nine locations throughout Harford County. This year, our team was able to raise money and purchase and stuff 40 lunchboxes to accompany the bags handed out.

We documented our day of shopping, stuffing and delivering. The girls even got to tour the Extreme Family Outreach facility and learn about the ways in which they help families in need in our community.

Huge thanks to the Target in Abingdon for letting us raid their store, purchasing pretty much every lunchbox they had in stock, and allowing us to use their cafe to stuff the bags!

And thanks to Designs by Doree for the adorable shirts we wore for the trip! Each girl picked out her own mantra - Be Happy. Be Free. Be Rad. Be Kind. Be You.



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