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Feeling 22 | Taylor Swift Video-Inspired Graduation Photos | Class of 2022 DOP REPS

Hey Alexa... Play "22" by Taylor Swift!

The class of 2022 DOP Senior Reps have graduated, and I'm feeling all the feels. It really feels like just yesterday we were having our first official meet-up. These girls truly were a special bunch. They have so much to offer the world, I can't see what incredible things each and every single one of them achieves.

What better way to celebrate the class of 2022 than with a Taylor Swift "22" music video-inspired shoot? The concept was simple. We traded in Taylor's signature black hat for our caps, added a white wall, heart glasses, confetti, and pom-poms. Doesn't get much more fun than that! So, cue up your T-Swift jams and enjoy the class of 2022 DOP Rep's final shoot.

And part of DOP's annual graduation tradition, we celebrate the next chapter for these young ladies...

From Left to Right:

Mackenzie Saneman - Queens University

Alex Raley - University of South Carolina

Rachel Fitzpatrick - Bridgewater College

Jillian Connolly - West Virginia University

Emily McGrain - Middle Tennessee State University

Grace Megargel - Towson University

Gabby Donlick - Salisbury University

Skylar Munoz - Salisbury University

Kyra Veneema - Salisbury University

Allie Book - Messiah University

Belle Wilson - Notre Dame

Bethany Grzymala - Pace University

Kylie Johnson - Shenandoah University

Caroline Kelley - West Virginia University

Jessica Dudock - Lebanon Valley College

not pictured: Mackenzie Sanschagrin - University of Alabama, Madison Sanschagrin - University of Alabama, Nicole Vigneri - West Virginia University.

...and that's a wrap! If you enjoyed reading about this DOP session make sure to like this post and comment down below your fav photo. Stay tuned for more portfolio posts coming soon. XOXO!

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