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Lizzie | C. Milton Wright Class of 2020 | Harford County Senior Photographer

Next up in my tribute to my 2020 Seniors is Lizzie. Lizzie was one of my 2020 Senior Reps this past year. This group of girls will always hold a special place in my heart because they were part of my very first rep team. I just loved getting to know them all this past year and I'm so sad that they didn't get to finish their senior year like they should. Luckily, we'll be gathering (don't worry it's only 6 of them) next week to say farewell with a fun little impromptu photoshoot. I can't wait to see them all again!

Lizzie really wanted all the Fall vibes for her shoot, so we did Part 1 of her shoot last November. The collection she chose allowed for 2 locations, but it was a little too chilly for a tutu, so we had plans of doing an indoor ballet shoot after the holidays, and then.... Covid hit and we were stuck waiting it out until restrictions were lifted. Well last weekend was my first weekend back to work and we finally finished Part 2 of Lizzie's senior session. Since she missed her prom and her graduation, we made sure to dedicate a portion of her session to celebrating these milestones. After I sent Lizzie's sneak peek over to her mom, she told me,

"Lizzie was so excited to get pictures in her prom dress. In any regular year, she would not have had this opportunity photobably to get this "princess" photoshoot." It helps to make up for the loss of prom."

I'm so thankful I could bring even the tiniest bit of joy during a not so joyful time.

In the fall, Lizzie is off to Penn State University where she will major in Early Childhood Education.

Part 1:

hair + make-up: Fleurt Beauty Company

Part 2:



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