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Samm | Studio Photoshoot |Headshot + Branding Photographer | Dance + Fitness Photos| Bel Air, MD

Meet the master of all trades... no seriously! Samm is the pinnacle of a triple threat, or even a quadruple threat. Between dancing, acting, singing, and fitness, Samm is a busy woman! So when she contacted Des about updating her headshots, Des was all in. This isn't Des' first time shooting with Samm either. The two worked together 2 years ago on another branding shoot that was shot in downtown Lancaster and in a Crossfit Gym. This time around, Samm wanted to strip things down a bit and go with a simple studio session.

This studio session was taken at Rage Box Dance Center. Des is the studio photographer at Rage Box and Samm was a former faculty member who taught jazz, tap, and musical theatre. Des and Samm decided on two solid color backdrops, dark gray and light purple. The contrasting colored backdrops allowed for a dramatic change... from bright and playful, to a more moody look.

This gallery is all you've ever wanted to see in an in-studio session... and more! Meet Samm!

Color or... black and white?

... and that's all for Samm's in-studio session! Hope you loved this gallery!

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