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Shopping Tips for your Senior Sesh | Allison | Class of 2020 | Harford County Senior Photographer

Allison is another one of my DOP Senior Reps this year. For her session we ventured up to Cecil County, MD to Bohemia Overlook. Bohemia Overlook is great for portraits because they have so many options. You can easily achieve a beach vibe, a traditional vibe, and a nature vibe within steps, and the sunset on the property is stunning.

While the location is a huge portion of your session, what you wear matters just as most. Once we select a location for your session, we start chatting about wardrobe for the session. Some senior portrait photographers offer a style closet, which in theory I think is a cool idea; however, I don't want all of my seniors to look the same. I really encourage them to infuse their own personality and style into their session. If they're completely clueless with what they want to wear for their session, then I'll help by putting together a style board for their shoot based on the location and some simple questions they answer. Most times, girls seem to know in general what they want to wear, and just lean on me for opinions. Allison first tried on a navy blue Free People dress from a local boutique, but it came with a pretty hefty price tag. She ended up finding a similar style dress for much less at Lulus that she loved even more. This dress ended up being my favorite look from her session.

Your senior portrait session shouldn't have to break the bank, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite places to shop along with a few other tips for styling your session.

1. My favorite places to shop

Nordstrom is my personal favorite store to shop, mainly because of the variety of styles and they always offer free shipping and free returns for all online orders. Zara also offers a great selection, especially if you're looking for a bit more of a high fashion vibe. LuLus and Shein are two online boutiques that offer a wide variety of on-trend styles and they won't break the bank either. Francesca's, Forever 21, and H&M have both online sites and brick and mortar stores incase you aren't a fan of online shopping. Also, I love shoping local, so for my Harford County friends, Tiger Lily, Boutique 44 and The Urban Pearl are my fav local boutiques - all found on Main Street in downtown Bel Air.

2. Never underestimate the value of a thrift store

No, I'm not saying you need to go to Good Will to shop, but stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and my fav, Nordstrom Rack, have a great selection of trendy styles that won't break the bank. Nordstrom Rack also has an online site, too, which I love. For the preppier crowd, J. Crew also has a factory store, which (hooray!) also has an online shop as does Gap.

3. Accessories Matter

Want to up your style game? I'm a huge fan of accessories. I love wide-brimmed hats, jean jackets, cardigans or blazers for layering, statement earrings, cool shoes. It's these little details that give your session some personality and allow you to have multiple looks without completely changing your outfit. Not sure where to start when it comes to accessories? Just ask me and I can help!

4. Pair new with Existing

For Allison's sesh, she bought a few new tops, and used pieces she already had in her closet. Not all of your portraits are full body shots either, so don't go break the bank on a brand new jean skirt.

5. Phone a Friend

Not sure you'll ever wear that wide-brimmed hat ever again, no sweat? Check in with your friends to see if they have something you can borrow.

Still feel overwhelmed in selecting your looks for your session, I'm always happy to help! Styling a session is always one of my favorite parts!



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