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Tyler | Class of 2020 | North Harford High School | Harford County Senior Photographer

So I decided to switch it up today. I've been highlighting the senior girls for the past week, but what about the boys?? Now let's be honest, most times, the moms are reaching out to me with a message like, "So, I want to get my son's senior pictures taken. He's not a fan of having his picture taken, but I'd like some nice photos to document his senior year." It's rare for the boys to be as into this process as the girls, but I have had a few (and their sessions were a blast). If sports are involved though, it makes the process a little more fun for them. There's less smiling, no collared shirt and they're in a space they're 100% comfortable in - on the field, on the court, it's natural for them.

Fun fact: Tyler's brother was my 3rd senior client ever. Back before I had an official business and delivered my galleries via Dropbox. Before I knew that seniors would become my passion. So when his mom reached out to me about doing her other son's senior photos, I was so excited. One, because I love repeat clients (that meant their first experience was great) and two because it's a challenge determining how to make this session different than the last.

Tyler's brother also went to North Harford High School and played soccer, so I knew we'd be back on the field again. We did recreate some of the same images, but we did a few things that, to me, were really different. Tyler also came to his session solo. Now I don't want this to come off the wrong way, but sometimes I like it better when my seniors come solo. It allows them to relax a little - maybe because mom isn't peeking from a distance encouraging them to smile or maybe it's because they aren't as embarrassed when I tell them to brush their hair out of the way like they're on the cover of a GQ magazine (I'm pretty sure most of them don't even know what this publication is).



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