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That's a wrap 2020 | End of Year Highlights | Happy New Year | Maryland Senior Photographer

And just like that, we’ve come upon a new year. I think we all can agree we are ready for 2021… like now-a-clock! The future generation better watch out, because the year 2020 is going to be a long topic to cover in history class. Between the global pandemic, the U.S. election, and major natural disasters, this year has been a wild ride… to say the least!

Covid-19 left DOP shut down from March 12 to the end of May. Eager to begin safely shooting sessions again, Des started back up in late May. Covid restrictions required that Des only have outdoor sessions, wear a mask, and maintain social distancing. These restrictions weren’t a major issue for Des. She likes to shoot outdoors (she’s CEO of making magic with lighting), she shoots with a long lens so shooting from 6+ feet away was normal for her, and wearing a mask was no big deal.

Despite having many postponements and cancellations in the spring, this year brought the busiest summer and fall yet for DOP! Des produced over 200 galleries this year! Between senior sessions, family shoots, dance shoots, headshots, and senior rep editorial shoots… Des managed to keep very busy this year! Here are some of the highlights:

If Des can do all of this amidst a global pandemic, imagine what 2021 will have in store! Here's to a healthy, happy 2021! *cue the fireworks*



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