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Jennifer | Studio Session | Dance Photographer| Headshot Photographer | Rage Box Dance Center

Meet Jennifer! Jennifer is a professional dancer with Cirque de Solei in Las Vegas... pretty cool, right?! She's also the daughter of Rage Box Dance Center's owner and director, Karen Muccioli. So, no wonder she's a hard-working, talented dancer... it's in the Muccioli genes!

Jennifer was in town for her wedding this past December and in addition to photographing her big day (the sweetest little ceremony at home), Desiree met with Jen to update her headshots and also take some new dance photos.

Jennifer's session with DOP was unreal! Des' expertise with the camera and Jennifer's talent on the dance floor meshed beautifully for this gallery. I can't wait for you to see it! Introducing... Jennifer!

In preparation for this shoot, Jen and her mom also compiled inspiration photos. they really wanted a minimalistic approach, so Des went with a dark gray backdrop. To Des, photographing a dancer is more than just snapping shots of impressive technique. It's about capturing the dancer in motion. Every dancer has their own style and it's important to for Des to capture their unique quality of movement. Jen is trained in various dance styles, but her foundation lies in modern and contemporary dance. Jen's lines are incredible and all of her photos showcase that.