Reese | Sports Princess Photo Session | Soccer + Lacrosse | Maryland Tween Photographer

Back in 2019, a national news story about a photographer's unique photoshoot swept the country... The photoshoot concept was a "clapback" at people that believe girls can only be one of two things, "girly" or "athletic". Who said can't they be both? Des had at least 20 people sending her the news story and several requests to duplicate it. Des is all about originality, so she didn't want to copy to idea verbatim. She wanted to put her own DOP spin on it.

the inspo:

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Since the news story broke two years ago, Des has done close to 15 sports-princess shoots. When Des started doing these, she worked hard to think of a creative way to make this shoot new and fresh. What better place to have the shoot than in the place the girls are most comfortable.... the field they play their sport!